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Our Approach

"At Caldicot we do what we say. Fewer promises but we keep them all."

We're a team of operators and investors, here to solve problems and build great companies.  We make a small number of investments each year, enabling us to dedicate the time and attention necessary to support the aggressive growth goals of our partner companies.


We focus on fundamentals: management, financial performance, operational execution, and sustainable growth.  With 15+ years of successful investing in the lower middle market, we have the experience and resources to get deals done.

"At Caldicot we do what we say. Fewer promises but we keep them all." 

We invest $4 - $10 million of equity in profitable businesses across the Western United States.

Transaction Types

  • Buyout

  • Recapitalization

  • Owner Liquidity

  • Acquisition and Growth Financing 

Company Criteria

  • Strong Management Team

  • Diverse Customer Base

  • Proven Business Model

  • Stable or Growing Markets

Financial Criteria

  • Revenue of $5M+

  • EBITDA of $1M - $5M

  • EBITDA Margins of 10%+

  • Stable Cash Flow Generation

Industry Focus

Business Services

Information Technology and Data Services


Mature Software and Technology

Light Manufacturing

Value Added Distribution

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